CHF 920.00

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Saia PCD1.Room with Ethernet TCP/IP
for room automation and heavac applications,
web and FTP server, file system,
CPU with 256 KByte user program (RAM),
backup memory,
on-board 8 MByte Flash memory,
USB port for PG5, up to 40 I/O,
1 free I/O module socket,
on-board I/O (with fixed ..W525 on I/O slot 1) :
– 2 interrupt inputs, 1 output (PWM)
– 12 digital I/O (4I/4O/4 configurable)
– 8 analogue I/O (6I/2O),
clock (RTC), data protection 1-3 years,
RS-485 (up to 115 kbits/s),
1 port (socket A) for PCD7.F1xxS,
the Smart RIO Manager function is not supported,
S-Bus and Modbus stations limited to max. 10 units

Weight 450 g
Power requirement

0 mA